Is Wpc Waterproof


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is wpc waterproof

Is WPC flooring waterproof?

The answer is pretty simple. WPC vinyl is 100% waterproof. Traditional vinyl and laminate floors are not. Additionally, the thicker planks lend themselves to uneven subfloors, giving you less prep work before your wpc flooring installation.

Is WPC good for the environment?

Especially in children and elder people. WPC is 100% VOC free and also it does not emit formaldehyde in the atmosphere. No trees are cut in their making, which means they are environment-friendly products leading to a green revolution. It is manufactured with rice /wheat husk and virgin thermoplastics.

What is the difference between WPC and 100% plastic?

WPC is laminated using wood and plastic layers and adhesives that are pressed together in the factory. The top and bottom layers are plastic that provide water protection, and the interior layers alternate between wood and plastic in some cases. Some so-called “WPC” products are now being brought to market that are 100% plastic with a wood look.

What are the disadvantages of WPC material?

It contains a plastic polymer and wood fibres so the shortcoming of both this material will be present in it. The cost of WPC material is higher as compared to other material used for the same purpose. It lacks the natural wooden texture due to which the feeling of natural wood is missing.

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