Wpc Cupboards


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wpc cupboards

Is WPC board good for modular kitchen?

So it is so beneficial to use WPC board for modular kitchen. But these WPC boards are preferred for its good characteristics suitable to the different furniture need. It is termite and pest proof and easily cleanable.

What is WPC board made of?

WPC boards are made when polymers are reinforced by incorporating the wood powder and fibres discharged from mills and factories as well as agriculture residues. WPC production is a 100% safe manufacturing practice, releasing no air or water pollution and having no process waste of materials.

Can WPC boards be used in sunlight?

You can use WPC boards in sunlight, it does not get spoiled in sunlight. You have to just paint or polish it after certain time intervals and it will remain new and strong for years. You can use weather coat paint and PO polish on WPC. Also, it is maintenance-free material. The resistance of WPC to extreme temperature is low as compared to wood.

How do you join two WPC boards together?

The surface of the WPC board should be rubbed with 80 no. sandpaper for proper bonding. If you want more thickness two WPC boards can be jointed with the help of cement solvent or PVC solvent. For covering, the edge of WPC boards PVC edge banding taps can be used.

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