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[wpc decking]

How to waterproof an existing WPC decking?

Water-ResistantPVC Decking. PVC is one of the few forms of decking that is actually 100% waterproof. ...Aluminum Decking. While not the first choice most homeowners turn to, aluminum is another type of decking material that’s completely impervious to water.Composite Decking. ...

How to install WPC hollow composite decking?

WPC composite decking installation steps. 1.Drill holes on the concrete ground, put the expansion screws into the holes without exposing, see as below image: WPC Decking installation guide. 2.The space between the joist interface and wall head is necessary, the joist should be put in crisscross to avoid the joist interfaces in the same line.

What is WPC deck flooring?

Azizi Developments has announced a partnership with Tree Ring Floors LLC to supply its WPC Decking and WPC Pergola installations for several buildings in Riviera Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, has announced a partnership with ...

What is WPC co-extrusion decking?

What is WPC co-extrusion decking? Co-extrusion is a capped wood plastic composite, which means it has an advanced premium shield encasing all four sides around its inner core. It combines the proven strength of high density polyethylene plastic and wood fibers with an outer shell of polymer that completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection from scratches, stains and fading.

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