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wpc full form

What is the full form of WPC certificate?

WPC certificate full form Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing certification is the required authorization for any business individual who seeks to manufacture, import, sell or use wireless equipment. As such a business owner, you get this equipment type approval (ETA) from the WPC wing.

What is the difference between uPVC and WPC?

WPC is a better option for doors and windows than uPVC because it has many advantages then uPVC. WPC has a solid profile, while uPVC has a hollow shape. You can paint, and polish WPC even pastes veneer and laminate which you can’t do with uPVC. You can fix any hardware on WPC which uPVC doesn’t allow. Also, WPC is more economical than uPVC.

What is the composition of WPC boards?

So, let us understand the composition of WPC boards. The long-form of WPC is wood plastic composite boards in terms of percentage it comprises of 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and the remaining 15% of the additive-chemical. It is available in the size of 8’× 4′.

What is WPC ETA certificate?

What is WPC ETA Certificate WPC License, full form, Wireless Planning Commission license is the license to import and sell wireless products. Issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, a part of the Department of Telecommunication, it’s a non-optional license. There is a rapid increase in the presence of wireless products these days.

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