Fowl Pox Treatment Sabong


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fowl pox treatment sabong

How do you treat fowl pox?

Water quality is particularly important to a flock affected by pox. Birds should always remain hydrated and do best with clean, fresh, untreated water. Fowl Pox is a virus and cannot be treated with any antibiotics (which are all designed to fight bacteria not viruses); however, secondary infections are common with FP.

What is fowl pox?

Print Page. F. owl pox is a highly contagious viral infection in poultry that causes painful sores on a chicken’s skin. Also referred to as Avian Pox, Sorehead, Avian Diphtheria and Chicken Pox, it is unrelated to human chicken pox and cannot be contracted by people from birds. Fowl pox occurs in two forms, Dry and Wet pox ...

What happens if a bird gets fowl pox?

However, fowl pox can lead to reduced appetite among birds, depression, reduced egg production, and poor growth. Fowl pox is caused by the avian DNA pox virus. The virus can be transmitted via direct contact between infected and susceptible birds or by Mosquitos.

How common is fowl pox in Australia?

It is quite common throughout Australia, especially in summer, when flies and mosquitoes are everywhere. A chicken infected with Fowl Pox will be quieter than usual, may eat less and may show symptoms of respiratory illness.

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