Online Sabong Issue


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online sabong issue

How much is the revenue of E-Sabong in the Philippines?

(Based on our projection, collections from e-sabong will reach P7.2 billion to P8 billion this year.) Suspending online sabong operations might lead to the rise of illegal gambling, she warned. Duterte said he was responding cautiously to the issue due to potential revenue losses.

Will traditional Sabong continue after E-Sabong ends?

While the government is ending e-sabong, traditional sabong will continue. "We don't have a problem there... We would rather have the traditional sabong because these are held on definite times and it's usually on a Sunday or during a holiday and you don't get to bet 24 hours a day," he said.

Is E-Sabong the most dangerous gambling addiction?

Gambling, particularly e-sabong, is one of the most difficult addictions to manage, warned psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa. "Sabong is very culturally condoned and tolerated in the Philippines.

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