Sabong Atong Ang


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sabong atong ang

Who is Charlie “Atong” Ang?

A cockpit worker tagged gaming operator Charlie “Atong” Ang as the person behind the disappearance of a number of online cockfighting personalities, while five policemen were tagged by at least four witnesses as behind the “kidnapping” last year of an e-sabong “master agent” in his Laguna residence, a Senate panel revealed on Monday.

Who is Atong Ang in the Philippines?

Who is Atong Ang in the Philippines? Atong Ang has constant links with the Barretto clan, got involved in the impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada, and is recognized as one of the most famous ‘legal gambling lords’ in the Philippines. So many are wondering, who is Atong Ang and why is he so famous?

What is Atong Ang’s net worth?

Atong Ang has never publicly declared his wealth, but his net worth is estimated to be up to $2 million or even more. Former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II claims that Atong earns Php50 million a day from his numerous gambling operations. Ang admits that they earn “ Php3 billion, more or less, as month .”

Who is Atong Ang’s wife?

Who is Atong Ang’s wife? Atong Ang is married to Iris Ang but she’s mostly hidden from the spotlight despite having a famous husband. Who is Nicole Barretto?

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