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sabong update today

Will Senate report on E-Sabong continue even after Duterte’s ban?

THE chief Senate prober on the e-sabong controversy said the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs will still release a report even after President Duterte ordered a stop to all operations on online cockfight betting, a multibillion-peso trade. Senator Ronald dela Rosa said he will release the report this week.

Will traditional Sabong continue after E-Sabong ends?

While the government is ending e-sabong, traditional sabong will continue. "We don't have a problem there... We would rather have the traditional sabong because these are held on definite times and it's usually on a Sunday or during a holiday and you don't get to bet 24 hours a day," he said.

How much does the E-Sabong industry generate for the government?

The e-sabong industry generates P640 million a month in revenues for the government, Duterte has said. READ: Duterte: E-sabong revenues needed since COVID-19 depleted other funds

Is E-Sabong harmful to the people and the nation?

But he said President Duterte’s recent decision to end e-sabong solidified his position that it is harmful to the people and to the nation. “What the government earns from these online gambling operations pales in comparison to the losses the people incur in terms of gambling debt, crime, the breakup of families, and much much more,” he said.

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